A Teacher's Job Made Easier


Create and deliver assessments on paper, tablets, phones, and laptops


Have any multiple choice question graded for you and free response questions organized so that you can grade them from anywhere efficiently without having to take papers home


Understand student progress by automatically capturing mastery and growth


Leverage thousands of Common Core-aligned questions and resources to make the transition to the new Common Core standards easier


Assess on Any Mobile Device

Excelegrade allows students to take formative and summative assessments on any mobile device – laptops, tablets, or smart phones, and accommodates various question types including multiple choice and free response questions.

Grade Papers with a Mobile Device - Coming Soon!

Excelegrade allows teachers to grade any assessment with just the snap of a picture. Our mobile grading app captures all of the data from the assessment and keeps a digital archive of student work.

Track Student Progress by Standard

Excelegrade automatically tracks student data from any assessment given on our platform or graded with our mobile app. Teachers can view data by standard, question, or assessment and can see progress over time.

Personalize Learning for Students

Excelegrade develops personalized recommendations for each student using over 8,000 resources we have curated and mapped to standards. These personalized learning plans can be used for response to intervention (RTI).

Find Resources to Improve Instruction

Excelegrade provides teachers with lesson plans, games, videos, and other resources for each Common Core standard that they can use for professional development and to help them be more effective and engaging.